A Final Message

Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Traders,

As of 12/31/17, I will no longer be continuing with the Pro Trader Network. Until that time, I will no longer be posting any additional analysis or content. I will still return emails and work individually with clients.

For the last several years, my family and I have encountered circumstances around the health of our aging relatives that have taken my focus away from maintaining a meaningful online presence and commitment to other trading products.

The obligation in time, attention, and resources has been more that I could take on and will be for the foreseeable future.

The recent unexpected death of my oldest son Max has been the greatest challenge of all. He was a wonderful young man of 25 years that was in the happiest place in his life.

My family and I need each other now more than ever.

I would like to express my appreciation to so many of you that have been loyal and supportive for so many years.

My sincere hope is that I was able to help many of you understand that you are worthy, capable and deserving of the benefits that a life in trading can provide.

I wish you the very best for a bright future for you and your families.


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