We’ve Moved . . .

Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Traders,

As of 12/31/17, the Pro Trader Network Thinkific Education website will no longer be available.

The New Excel Course 2.0 site is available. Once enrolled, you will have lifetime access to course materials

If you are an EXISTING Excel Course Client, the new hosting website HAS A MINIMUM COURSE FEE. I cannot provide login details for no cost. Please email me and I can work with you for a MASSIVE discount.

If you are new to the Pro Trader Network, PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK FIRST
PTN EXCEL 2.0 as the Education Hosting Site maybe offering the Excel Course 2.0 at an incredible value well below the normal price of $145.00!

The New Skill Builders and Traders Workshop sites are now available. The sites require a minimum course fee of $10 for lifetime access.

Click this link for 50% OFF the FULL PRICE of $20.00: PTN Skill Builder Series 50% OFF

Click this link for 50% OFF the FULL PRICE of $20.00: PTN Traders Workshop 50% OFF

I hope to see you soon.

All the best.


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