To Tell the Truth

As you know I am a great believer in repetition as the Mother of Skill, so for several months you will see many Articles and Training Videos again. Please take the time to review them. The lessons can be universally applied.

I am going to take a few lines in this Article to get a few things off my chest . . .

One of the most difficult things we have to come to terms with as human beings, let alone as traders, is to be honest about our current situation. Once we can do that, then comes acknowledgment, acceptance (responsibility), and then hopefully a course correction.

Something I’ve come to know in my journey as a trader is that the industry follows a typical series of revelations – enthusiasm, reality, and finally, skepticism.

Enthusiasm is the discovery of trading, the markets, and the potential income that will provide an alternative or perhaps permanent source of income in the recent troubled economic times.

Reality is in the realization that trading is not as easy as it first appears and can test every fiber of your patience, emotions and confidence.

And then comes skepticism. After having falling victim to the marketers and their products full of unfulfilled promises, you become very guarded and suspicious.

I have participated in all three to the most extreme degrees.

The fact that these three conditions are still in full force was never more evident when I recently had a 2-Day Live Workshop and at the end, pitched a beginning traders course for what I though was a ridiculously low price. My naïveté was, based on the cost of my own trading education, about $25,000 in courses and materials, trying to actually reduce the cost to the ridiculous (to cover production costs and web broadcast access.) I thought it would be better received.

After pouring my heart out for two nights and sharing what I though was some pretty good information for free, the minute I revealed there was a course and it cost money – I could here many minds slam shut. I never fancied myself a good salesman, but I figured that all of the incredible information I have shared for free would lend me some degree of integrity. I guess the new model now is that your value as an educator is correlated to the amount of free stuff you give away. Never mind that your true intent is to sincerely help those from wasting the same amount of time you did to on crap and nonsense. You would think that my content and record would speak for themselves. I have provided ten years worth of education and everything you really need to know about this business on this blog for FREE. Real stuff you won’t find anywhere else. And yes, I have benefitted in that it has also helped me stay sharp and on top of my game. I have since revisited my approach and have some thoughts about where I went wrong in my presentation. Corrections will definitely be made for the future, but I will never apologize for offering awesome and powerful content at a killer price.

Most importantly, as skeptical as I had become in my own trading experience, I still had to realize that I was not getting the results I wanted and needed. I had to overcome that skepticism, that pain, and take some risks that would eventually lead to my ultimate goal to be professional trader. It wasn’t easy, but floundering and being frustrated was worse, and thankfully, I was able to find my own Holy Grail.

I’m learning as I go – both as a pro and an educator and honestly I am starting to realize that doing what I think is right may only be right for me – and that’s OK – I don’t need the money and have nothing to prove, so I can live with the apprehension and skepticism – but can you?

What I’m having a hard time with is . . . if you can’t spend less than $200.00 on a professional, collegiate level trading course that will transform your trading and make you completely independent on all of the other crap put there, how are you ever going to trade a full lot and be 30 pips drawn down? This is an inescapable fact of trading – you have to take risks!

What’s more amazing is I get a steady stream of emails everyday requesting still more for free. “Can you send me your indicators?” . . . which I have paid to have programmed specifically for me and my trade systems – please stop asking. “Can you give me a money management system and outline all of the steps to overcome my trading psychology challenges?” . . . seriously? “Can give me everything so that I do not have to invest any time, money or risk anything to be rich?” You would be surprised at how brazen people are! It sounds like I’m complaining – but I’m not – I’m actually very thankful. This is the mindset of the plethora of Losers that are paying me every time they enter the market – and the reality is you can’t help everybody.

Here’s the gist – if you have visions of ever making it in this business and can’t get passed the fact that, in one way or another, you’re going to have to pay . . . either for crap, risky behavior or an education, it’s going to be a long, hard road.

At the very least, you’ll need to invest some time thinking about that.

Thanks for letting me vent.

All the best.


P.S. For those of you that have participated in the Live Workshops, asked great questions, and signed up for the course, I sincerely appreciate your trust and confidence. You will not regret your decision.

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